Please leave your contributions to the memory of Roger Levesque


  1. The world is already not the same without you, Roger. I will sing for you. I hope you can hear it, sweet angel, sweet friend.

  2. Thanks Roger for taking in interest in my various musical projects over the years, and being an advocate for the arts and artists. You’re one of the last of a rare breed. I’m glad I got to see you at the Edmonton Jazz Festival, and thank you for some really nice comments you made. Sometimes we musicians wish someone would notice something in our music that not everyone does. You did. Thanks for being a dedicated writer and fan, you’re going to be missed! Hope you’re still going to be listening.

  3. Thank you, Roger, for making me feel part of the family at CKUA. Your smile and quiet and thoughtful ways did much to ease my pre-show nerves on a regular basis. I’ll never forget your heartbreak at losing your little kitten. You were one of a kind, and the kind the world needs more of. I’m certain you will charm everyone wherever your dear soul travels to now. Rest easy.

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